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My two year old son has decided the cassette deck on my stereo would make a great piggy bank. I didn't notice him doing this, and went over a speed bump one day and "dzzz" the stereo shorted out. I sat there pondering what was wrong for a couple of days in silence until I had an "ah ha" moment and checked in the cassette deck door and sure enough I can see a handful of coins.

My car is a 2001 Maxima SE with the Bose system. It is still the factory stereo, but depending on the information I get here it may be replaced sooner than later.

My question is if I get the coins out what are the chances that the stereo will start working again. I might have to pull the stereo out and shake it to remove all the coins. Do I need special tools to remove the stereo? If so how much do those cost? Would a fuse have been blown also?

Thanks in advance for all your insight.
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