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Factory air intake questions ('86 non turbo)

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Greetings once again.

After tearing into my Z31 quite throughly I can't help but notice what I perceive to be a design flaw. Before the air filter box on the factory intake there is a small rubber hose-ish device that draws air via a small metal scoop from inside the front leftmost part of the engine compartment. In my mind, it seems like a bit of a waste to produce such an elaborate air system (routing down under the alternator and AC compressor and around to the front of the car) and then designing it to draw what I assume to be hot air from inside the engine compartment. As we all know, colder air is denser, would it not be a better idea to draw fresh cold air from outside the car? It seems to me like Nissan designed 95% of a cold air intake and then decided that they would route it to draw in hot engine compartment air.

To get to the point, has anyone modified theirs to draw cold air, or does anyone have any insight as to why this has been done from the factory?
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It must be an engineer thing-- Mazda did a similar thing with the 2nd gen RX-7. 3" round hose all the way to the airbox, nice, big box, and then a 1/2"x3" opening to suck air thru. . ..
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