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Pulsar mops Skyhawk's butt all over the road?

'86 Buick Skyhawk vs a '87 Nissan Pulsar.

My friend got this Skyhawk months ago, and before he even sees my car up close he comes online oen day and says my car is crap and that his Skyhawk rules.

The hell is a Skyhawk? I thought.

So I called him over to find out. (btw, for you B.C. peeps, I still have my 'L' or learners license). Anyway, we drove down to a quiet area of town and had ourselves a little race. Now, I know nothing about Skyhawks but I roasted his ass nicely. (we just picked two points as a start and finish - took roughly 15 seconds) He wouldn't tell me anything about his car, but after his ass-whupping he went on about how he doesn't want to build his car for racing. But that shut him up anyway.

So what's so great about Skyhawks? Was his car in bad condition or should my 70hp un-modded Pulsar have beaten him anyway? (BTW - IMO skyhawks are ugly)

Now I'm 1 for 1. I doubt I can keep a winning record for long. :D
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