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Hey Guys,

I'm in the process of finding the right exhaust for my 370z. I know there are many threads on this already, and I have already been through hours and hours of reading and youtube vids to try to find the right one!

I should preface this by saying I'm only 21 years old and love having a sports car - but it really should sound like one, to be one. Now I need some help to find the right one for me.

Very simply I have a few requirements:
  • I'm not too interested in performance gains to be honest, though i would love increased responsiveness
  • Sound is my primary concern - I dont want it to sound like a cheap canon off a 200sx or R32 - these just drone with no particularly nice note. I want a powerful rumble and roar (if that makes any sense)
  • I'm more looking for a very deep, and still reasonably loud sound. I definitely want to hear it in the cabin. I've never had an aftermarket exhaust, so I dont know how bad drone is, but I'm fairly convinced I want to be able to hear it fairly loud - provided it's a good note. Definitely would like a rumble at low revs, not just hearing it above 4000rpm
Based on the above requirements and my research, I've come up with a few options:
  • Ark exhaust - sounds quite good, though people suggest the quality here is not quite up to scratch
  • Amuse - sounds nice on youtube, but very expensive
  • Akrapovic - I know Sarge on the Central coast has one, but cant get there to hear it (I'm from Melbourne). He has desribed this as being a bit of a quiet exhaust, despite youtube vids sounding quite good. Also slightly pricey
  • Fast Intentions - this one seems to suit my needs quite nicely. Youtube vids dont sound great to be honest, but again - youtube only gets you so far.
  • Hitech and Xforce - I like the prices and the Australian made factor, but youtube makes them out to not be as deep, or have as defined a note as the FI exhaust. Is this true?
What do people think of my assessment? Have I missed something?
I realise its a massive post on an over-discussed topic, but I genuinely do appreciate the advice. Alright guys, dish it out!

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Here's my favorite:

I had a Borla on my '91 240SX. On the outside, it was fairly loud, but not super loud, when driving full throttle; however on the inside with the windows rolled up it was quiet. When driving at steady speeds like 40 - 50 mph, the droning was noisey. The Borla gave the car a high improvement in performance at mid-range and up.

The latest ADs from Borla say "no interior drone noise". So I guess they made changes to their muffler or piping.
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