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Anyone have a full exhasut installed and if so what should I expect to pay to get my stock exhaust removed and new Y-pipe, Cat, and Cat-Back installed at a shop or dealer (purchased before hand)? Also with only a popcharger intake as current engine mods would the new exhaust require any tuning or just bolt-on?

I'm looking at:
budget Y-pipe
Car Sound Hi Flow Cat
Megan Racing Cat-Back

Any help/advice would be appreciated,


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I suggest looking at Warpspeed Performance's stuff as well. the quality is MUCH better than the Budget Y pipe. The Budget is absolute crap. horrible fittment.. Of course, the Cattman Y is much better than the WSP, but you're also paying another $100 or so on top of Warpspeed's price.

as for install, expect to pay $50-100 depending on where you go for the install. it shoudl take an hour or so.

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If you have any knowledge of tools whatsoever then do this yourself. You are in CT so you may want to have a shop loosen the nuts and may want to have some in hand just in case they are too rusted.

I couldn't begin to count how much money I've saved by not going to a shop for simple things like this.
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