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OK...this is a pretty hypothetical question but I thought some people might have some thoughts or ideas.

Ok, after reading some posts on another car forum they were having a discussion about exhaust back preasure that got me thinking and i was wondering what the sport compact type people might have to say. since in my opinion some of the more technological and innovative solutions seem to be coming out of this area of the market (unless you count 3' lift kits and 40" tires).

Ok here is the idea/question: What if you installed a type of vacuum system in the exhaust that pumped the gasses down the pipe at equal or grater velocity and flow rates than without. Would negative preasure in the system negativly effect performance? would it just not be possible to make a system efficient enough to actually make the gains theoretically possible in reality

Ok this was real long and maybe pointless but i would love to hear what you all think.

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The "lack" of back pressure IMO is overrated. I have an '01 Ford Ranger (4.0 V6) and I had a shop ditch the exhaust cat back and install straight pipes dual outs. There is absolutely no degradation performance wise (and no stellar gains either) and it sounds beautiful. But to answer your question, the power cost of running a vacuum system for the exhaust would be more than any power gain, at least I would think so.
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