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Exhaust and Intake questions...

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Okay i got two questions that have probably been stated but i'll give it a shot anyway...

CAI - best one to recommend? im looking at the AEM one. but it's a bit pricey. but i can get it for a far deal at my friends shop here. but just wanting to know any other recommandations if any....

Fart Can - ok im going to be stright foward, im not at all really into the ricy sounds of a fart can on a I4 motor. (i was a ford mustang owner before so you'd have to understand) any event. YES, i'd like to put a nice exhaust on my 01 sentra BUT...i refuse to have any crappy ass maxwell house coffee can. any particular recommandations on GOOD, NOT-SO-LOUD exhausts? CAT back maybe? i was looking at Magnaflow but couldn't find any particular applications...

im not hounding the fact that all exhausts are bad. i just hate the ones that sould shitty and ricy and i don't want mine at all to sound that way if at all possaible. something slightly quite but effective. :thumbup:
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I don't think the SVT Cobra coming out will be anywhere near $30,000. The regular GT is about $30,000. Last years Cobra cost between $46 and 50K, and that was w/390 horses. No way are they going to up the perfromance, and charge only $30k.

This one will probably in the mid $50's and up.
Sorry, that was canadian funds I listed, I didn't notice the site was Canadian when I saw the price. Sorry about that.
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