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My Experience on a 01 PF LE, after installing Michelin LTX tires which were balanced fine , after a blowout at 22k - the one tire was replaced by COSTCO (btw, very poor service from Michelin techinicians as the tire thread seprated from the sidewall and wrapped arounf the tailpipe and rear mud flap, but that's another story I posted somewhere around here), I had a very tough time getting the wheels to be balanced.. They were balanced and rebalanced numerous times at different COSTCOs [they do it for the life of the tire], and FINALLY, the right guy did the job correctly. Smooth as pie - at least compared to what was experienced for almost a year. You may want to give that shot: find a very good shop with good experience with Balancing & Wheel Alignment. Switch front tires to back, so forth. Sometimes, a Wheel may have warped or dented from a pot hole. The aluminum wheels will do that more easily than the older steel wheels from yester year.......yes, I'm Old.
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