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I really dont know so Im going to ask even though some might think im an idiot. What does ET/DE/DET Like sr20det rb25E and etc..

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How's this:

The first two letters denote the engine series/type. KA, SR, RB, VG, VQ, L, QR, ZH, VH, etc.

The next two numbers denote the displacement (in liters) of the engine. 24 is 2.4 liters, 30 is 3.0 liters, etc.

The NEXT letter (either blank, D, or V) denotes the valvetrain. No designation means it is a SOHC engine, D is a DOHC engine, and V is Nissan's
designation for variable valve timing (aka VTEC in Honda terms), plus DOHC.

The next letter denotes the fuel delivery type. A blank letter is carburetor, E is Electronic Multiport Fuel Injection, and D is Direct Injection. There is also "i", which stands for Throttle Body Fuel Injection.

The last letter(s) denotes forced induction. A blank letter is naturally aspirated. T is for turbocharged applications, with each turbo using one "T".
Twin turbo's are TT, and triple turbo's (if it was ever made) would be TTT. Supercharged applications are noted with a R.

VG30DETT=V6 3.0 liter dual overhead cam, twin turbo
VG30DET=V6 3.0 liter dual overhead cam, turbo
L28ET= In-line6 2.8 liter turbo
L28E=In-line6 2.8 liter
SR20DET = 2.0 liter dual overhead cam, turbo
KA24DE=2.4 liter dual overhead cam
KA24E=2.4 liter single overhead cam
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