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andre said:
the EFI harness is connected to the engine harness right? I'm looking at the diagram in the FSM and it shows the engine harness running across the front of the car and along the sides. The harness I'm pulling from the car runs across the firewall (at the top) and to the sides. I'm confused right now...forgot what I wanted to say. Either way, the one in the car has to come out. If anyone has AIM hit me at AndrDwyn. Thanks.
The wiring you are talking about goes to the computer through the firewall just under thw battery. That harness is different from year tot year,and from automatic to manual transmissions.Here are a couple of numbers to places that have the harnesses.1-800-872-5475 1-800-964-8669 1-800-824-0202
These are a couple salvage yards in different states
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