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I had the same problem...took it to Advance auto parts and they checked the codes for me. Autozone said they could not do it for 95 Altima. 95 Altima does have OBD II.

khatrisa said:
My car (95 Altima) started jerking pretty bad over the last couple of days but I kept driving the car because I had no other choice. I know it's not spark plugs, wires, or cap. The more I drove, the more it jerked.

Today, driving home up a hill, the jerking suddenly stopped and the check engine light came on. Now, acceleration is weak, nearly shuts off when stopped, RPM's hover around 200-500, and small, constant vibration can be felt while running.

My question, other than any advice on what the actual problem is, would be to know that if I were to continue driving it, would I be causing more damage? To me, it sounded like one of the cylinders was misfiring, causing the jerking, then all of a sudden that cylinder just called it quits altogether, alleviating the jerking, but causing weak acceleration and rough ride.

Please let me know what you think...I'm gonna try and get the codes from the ECU as soon as I get the chance. Will AutoZone do this for a '95?

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