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Actually the Sylvia DETs have three generations. The S13 has around 200, the S14 around 230-230 (think didnt pay much attention to that gen.), and the S15 around 250. I belive the BlueBird is right around that of the S13. That is still a lot of power for your 200SX.

IIRC, you are looking at $3-4k for the swap. You will need pretty much a new car. Someone correct me if I am wrong on this, but here is a list I compiled whilst researching the swap on my 200SX. Many times, most of this will already come on the motor, but if they arent on there, then you will the following:

Motor/tranny/turbo (obviously)
Wiring harness
Viscous LSD (IIRC)
Motor Mounts
ECU (and possibly it's holder)
Radiator & Hoses(dont remember if the GAs will work with the SRs)
Power Steering Pump & hoses
A/C components
Accelerator and Clutch cables

Much of the info I have gleaned this from came from

Be prepared for the unexpected to happen. I am certain there are parts other than what I have listed. You might consider buying an SE-R, then turboing it. I hope this helps!
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