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i got a nissan cherry turbo as we call it in sweden. but i think you call it nissan pulsar turbo. (n12)
the car is way to rusty =( but the engine is new tuned and in very good condition.


300 cc injectors (volvo 740 turbo)
td04hl-15t (saab 9-3 aero) turbo with bigger exhaust housing.
better exhaust manifold.
shortened intake way.
kn air filter
saab 9000 IC
bigger rebuilt afm
polished head.
evo6 blow off valve
3" exhaust

i even got a megasquirt card waiting to be built on an engine
i just need all the sensors =/

i planning to buy a nissan sunny "sportcoupé"(b12?) but i dont know if the engine fits "bolt on" in the engine mounts.

and do the sunny driveshaft fit into the e15et gearbox?

the sunny engine is a e16 right?
and it is in the same engine family as e15et ?
am i right or wrong?


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Th e16 and e15 are almost identical except for slightly different internals and the difference in fuel systems between the e16 and the e15et. The e15et will bolt into a sunny but you will have to sort out the wiring harness yourself. By the way, sounds like a nice power plant.

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it will all bolt on as long as you use the motor mount from the n12/b11 ... the drive shaft should work also but in anycase keep the one of the n12 as they should too (and might be beefier than the e16 one= better).
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