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not a good day for me....
but anyways, in the past few days I've noticed my engine has been putting out a different sort of growl at higher RPMs (louder, higher pitch, sort of an annoying ear piercing sound). I do have a cone filter mounted on an adapter which is mounted on the MAF, i installed this in August, and i know the usual intake sound it made. But as I was driving on the highway today, the engine was making that screaming noise that was previously mentioned and it wouldn't go past 5,000 RPMs. At this point i has my foot to the floor and it was screaming so loud and staying at 5k (barely accelerating). It actually freaked me out, I had to let off because I thought it was going to blow or something. The car is fine at lower RPMs and it's idling fine right now and no SES light.

This same exact thing happened to a friend of mine (EJ1 Honda Civic SI) and it turned out that is cat was falling apart or was blown or whatever and it was disrupting the flow, and was causing him to lose power at higher RPMs.

I went under the car today to check if the cat had any rattle in it, but it didn't seem like it, so i don't know.

Some additional information, the car is a '03 Sentra GXE, with approx 114000kms, auto, winter driven. It goes through a lot of coolant, but this has been going on for awhile now, which leads me to think that the head gasket might be in need of replacing (need clarification??), but this is unrelated (as far as i know). SES lights have come and gone in the past (never scanned or fixed). I know it sounds like i'm careless with the car, but the truth is that it means alot to me, and its my only ride, so i cant lose it.

Other things that i thought it could possibly be are, spark plugs (which are relatively new, so most likely not), MAF sensor, air/fuel mix.....maybe?

Need advice/help please!
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