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Pathfinder 2000 4x4 3.3L with 159km

Please HELP !

Long story short .......The TPS was changed at the stealer ship because the truck was running and shifting horribly (was still getting decent milage).

It took them 3 days and 750.00 to figure it out.

2 days latter "SES" came on, changed the rear driver side Co2 sensor.

The "SES" never came back on BUT now get horrible gas milage (about 150km less a tank).

The truck has problems accelerating and lacks power. It's worse when cruising at low rpm and want to accelerate.

The other thing is when going up mild slopes it kicks out of overdrive to make it up the hill (maybe because of the lack of power).

A couple of days ago the "SES" went on and indicated misfire cylinder #1.
I changed all plugs, caps and rotor.

The "SES" doesn't come and acceleration improved alittle but the truck is not back to normal.

Believe it or not I went back to the stealer ship to re check the TPS ......they said the TPS was ok and they even put on a new MAF on it just to check it out but no difference.

They only information they were able to supply me with was the engine was running rich and lacked power but had no idea what was causing it.

They explained that they needed a couple of hours to explore and did not garantee anything. At a 100$ a hour I decided to walkout.

Has anyone had the simular problem?
If so, what was the solution?

Does any one have any suggestions?

What has been do to the truck so far.
New TPS, Plugs, cap,rotor, air filter, water pump, timing belt
Removed and cleaned the throttle body and replaced the gasket.
Cleaned battery terminals.

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Hmmm, sounds like you might have a bad fuel injector? You'll need to get a multimeter and check the ohm reading on it. Should be between 10-14 ohms.
Btw, it's the 1st injector, on the passenger-side, front of the engine.
If it checks out fine, then it's probably leaking down or it's plugged up. In either case, looks like you'll be replacing the #1 fuel injector...good luck!

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No I have not changed the fuel filter yet but it has not been that long ago...

Concerning the "Rich" part the dealer gave me a computer print out that I have no idea what it means if you can help, let me know

Print out:

A/F ALPHA-B2 90%
A/F ALHPA-B2 88%
HO2S1 (B2) 0.73V
HO2S1 (B1) 0.15V
HO2S2 (B1) 2.06V
HO2S2 (B2) 0.60V

Second print:

A/F ALPHA-B2 93%
A/F ALHPA-B2 90%
HO2S1 (B2) 0.75V
HO2S1 (B1) 0.83V
HO2S2 (B1) 0.28V
HO2S2 (B2) 0.26V

I hope this helps.......I don't what any of this means......Plz help

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Break one can ever guess this ........but I went to see a friend of mine that use to have his own garage until he changed field to see if he could of helped me out with my problem. I explained my problem the same way I did when I opened this thread.

He solved the problem without even taking a test drive..........He took out his timing gun and discovered that the timing was set a "0" , he advanced it to 15 - 16 degrees and presto now the truck runs like a F1 race car.......

Don t understand why the dealer would do such a thing but I can only suspect certain reasons.......

Thanks to all for their input....very much appreciated

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i guess technically the timing is supposed to self-adjust.

just remember for your next tune up to adjust the timing manually
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