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Ok guys, I posted a new thread a few days ago about the engine on my 93 knocking pretty seriously...My pop and I have now figured out that it's the number 4 cylinder...when we take the plug wire off, it stops for the most part...Now my new question is...

Autozone has an engine rebuild kit for like $600. It includes all gaskets, pistons, rings, wrist pins, rods, full bearing set, and some other stuff that I can't remeber off the top of my head, I do remember that the camshafts, and something w/ the timing didn't come with it...would it be worth it if this is going to be the engine that I rebuild for power, or should I just buy the metal gasket set, lower compression pistons (for turbo upgrade), and bigger cams?

Any suggestions would be's the KA24DE incase you didn't comprehend the "93" part above...I don't need it running anytime soon so...thanks again everyone.
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