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the other day my girlfriend went to her grandma's for the night, her grandma lives an hour away so she wasn't interested in driving home that night. the next morning she went to drive home to her adoring boyfriend(me), but her car wouldn't start.

as a result, she called me and i shuffled out there with with my craftsman tool kit. i tried to start the car and found that the batter and starter were working. i then pulled the spark plugs and noted that they were fould with gasoline(have fuel pressure). i cleaned them and tried to start the car again, no good.

i then decided that the culprit must be the distributer cap. the air was moist and salty, so i figured that it was possible for the contacts to corrode overnight. i cleaned the contacts with a wire brush and put it back on, try to start...and NO GO!

at this point, my only option is to have it towed to a local mechanic(thank god for grandma's AAA). her house is to far away to try and conduct any repair operation.

a few days later we get a call from the mechanic. he noted that the original problem was lack of spark, BUT that i had already fixed that with my attempted repair the day before.

the real problem occured with the unburned fuel, it washed the oil off the piston heads. with no oil on the heads, the engine was not having any compression. so he sprayed some motor oil on the heads and the engine started.

what and adventure, i thought i'd share because it might help others.
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