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my car's a '97 sentra (ga16dne)
the engine misfires when reved at a fast pace. at about 1,250 rpm.

I already had the car tuned up, set the timing @ 10 degrees, cleaned the throttle body, have the spark plug wires checked and changed the spark plugs. It lessened the misfiring but after two weeks the frequent misfiring came back. the engine runs smoothly when reved very very slowly. but when race reved, the engine misfires.

btw, here are some details
-There's a little oil leak on the distributor.
-The car haven't been used by the previous owner for a long time. I'm already driving the car for 6 months. It has been misfiring since I acquired it.
-I've tried setting the timing advance but it still doesn't work.

what could be the culprit to this? TIA.
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