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I have about 164000+mil on my '93 sentra se-r
It's pretty high.. i was wondering if anybody can predict the life spand of the engine..
How much more can i do on it before it starts to die out?

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NiN_00 said:
a guy i know has 250k on his Se_R and he was recently Squeezing :D so they lost a very long time if treated right
:eek: <---me!!!

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it's "span", just so you know. :)

As far as lifespan, it varies. There are a few that I know of that are well above 300,000 miles. There's a very large number that are over 200,000 now. And probably half of the SR20 motors in this country are over 100,000 by now. :)

The SR20 is a pretty stout motor, it can take a lot of abuse. Just do regular maintenance and don't let it run low on oil at all and it should last a good long time, even with mods.
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