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I've recently noticed my shift into second gear is bit harder to do lately, and with that thought I popped my hood open, started my GA16i 5 speed up and with it ideling I stood outside the driver door with one foot on the accel (in neutral of course) and reved the engine a bit. I noticed the engine was kicking back towards the back of the car almost a full 1-2 inches.
Anyone think it would be something other then a broken engine mount?
Second question being, what's the best one out right now? I don't mind firm shifting, i just want to be able to keep all my tires on the ground and show the local honda's i'm alive. :cool:

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engine urethane bushing from nismo would be great if you can get one but in an other post they seemed to be out of production /not avail. anymore....

they best thing you can probably do is to change front/rear bushing with new one and fill them up with urethane (tube) let them cure and put them on !!... you should then have less travel but you still gonna have some (not 2 inch !!)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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