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I own a 1993 Nissan Pickup D21, 4cyl, 2wd. It has 210,000 miles on it. The past say 30,000 miles has seen major work done (water pump, starter, alternator, etc). About two months ago the fuel pump went out...and citing the danger levels of taking off the tank, I decided to let a shop do it.

About two weeks ago whenever I let off the accelerated (while in gear still) the truck sometimes jerks as if I am giving it gas then letting off. If I put in into neutral I cost just fine, and if I start accelerating (while in gear) the truck behaves normally...its only when I am in gear and let my foot off the gas that I get a motion like someone is giving it gas then suddenly stopping.

If it helps I also noticed that sometimes while idling (usually around 750 rpms - 1000) the truck will suddenly jump to 2500-3000 or sometimes as low as 500. I have been told to check the vacuum hose going into the fuel pressure regulator...but I can not locate it....any ideas?

Note both actions above do not happen 100% of the time while driving, probably I would say 60-80%

Thank you
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