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87 4WD B12 Engine Swap (CA, GA, or SR?)

I have a 1987 4WD Sentra 5spd and I'm thinking about an engine swap. I have my eye on either the CA18DE from the 88/89 Twin Cam Pulsar, the GA16DE from the 91-99 Sentra, or a 91-01 SR20DE.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has tried a swap with the on demand 4WD system, and if so - which tranny/engine combo would have the most hp potential, and which would be the most likely to succeed?

If the CA18DE is part of the CA engine family, does this mean it will be an easier swap with the E16i in my Fuel Injected '87 Sentra?

Would the GA16DE be just as easy to swap as the CA? And if it is equally difficult, would it be the better choice because they're cheap to acquire, and have far more aftermarket performance parts available than the CA18DE?

The SR20DE would be expensive to acquire, but if it could be done without a new transmission - that'd be my choice.

What would you guys recommend?

Vancouver, BC
92 NX2000
87 Sentra 4WD

Gsolo said:
not to bad...E16i is about 87-88 pulsar i believe and available in 88-90 sentra or so. You also got the E15ET in 83-86 Pulsars available. CA16DE was 88-89 Pulsar. CA18DE was 87-90 Pulsar. CA18DET was available in other world markets in the Bluebird (stanza) and Pulsar. CA20E was the 200sx and Stanza. Sadly Nissan never made a CA20DET but it's been crudely done. SR20DE was avaible in early 90's sentra se-r's, 200sx's, 240sx's, NX2000's...and other markets in the pulsar and bluebird. SR20DET was never in the US, but elsewheres was availble in pulsar GTI-R, silvias, and a few bluebirds, oh and skylines. GA16DE was also in the NX1600. ANything i've missed guys?

If you want I can even get into which trannys you can use for what :D
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