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Am having trouble figuring out where to get started addressing this issue. I have a 97 hb 4x2 ka24e. Service engine light comes on intermittently. I did some work that involved having the battery disconnected. The light wasnt on after, but when I took the truck to get it inspected the guy said my emissions failed. He said to go drive it 60 miles and see if the light comes on, b/c I may have reset the thing when I was working on it. After my scenic tour, no light, still failed emissions. Result shows: catalyst, evap, o2 sensor and egr system failure/problem. Could I have all four problems all of a sudden in a truck that has been virtually flawless for 10 years?

I have replaced the o2 sensor in the last 60k miles. Currently has 123k on the truck all together. I gotta get this thing inspected. I can fix or replace stuff, but would really appreciate some advice on where to begin.

Really appreciate your assistance! Have a great day!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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