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Well i got my emissions tested last night and i've got 2 trouble codes.

Vent Purge Valve
and EVAP Small leak

well first of all i want to check out the evap canister before i spend 106$ on a new one, but i don't know where it is?
i ahve a 1998 Sentra GXE.

any other advice on fixing this with out buying a new one. My car only has 50,000 miles on it. can they die that fast?

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Have you messed with nay of your vaccum lines latley? If so you might have cossed teo of the lines causing the code.
You also may just have one unplugged, or a damaged hose.
The canister is in the engine bay, on the drivers side. It's a black cylinder about 31/2 inches wide, you cant miss it. If you are looking for the vent lpurge valve, I think the 98's relocated them to the rear of the car, under the drivers side of the bumper. I know the 99's did this.
To find a leak very fast, take it to a tech and have him smoke the system. They hook up a smoker to the green cap on one of the emission lines under the hood. This sends pressurized smoke into the system. Where ever you see smoke, is where the leak is.
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