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'93 D21 4X4 with L4 engine.

I've read the last ten pages of postings and it seems there are 3-4 people with similiar problems. I've did some of the suggestions but still experiencing the following problem;

About three months ago when starting my truck (in the morning) I got a buzzing/crackling noise (sounds like a stuck or stuttering relay) coming from the passenger side engine compartment and the selenoid would not kick in. Turning the key off and on seveal times resulted in the same noise. I stopped for about a minute and then tried again. First couple of times I got that noise but then the selenoid kicked in and started the engine. I turned the engine off and got the same pattern. I replaced the start/selenoid thinking that was it. Problem went away for about 3-4 weeks but came back and has steadily gotten worse. It only seems to occur when it is cold and/or damp out (below 60 degrees). If the outside temp is warm it seems to start okay or if the engine has warmed up.

From my previous posts about electrical problems you all lead me to the fusible links which I've replaced and everything worked fine. Thanks so much for helping me folks are so gracious in your help. Since that time the above problem has occurred.

I've taken the truck to my mechanic who didn't have a problem with starting it but I suspicion he did it when the outside temp was above 60 degrees. He thought it might be the clutch lockout switch so I replaced it but no help. He also said it could be the starter reply, which I had also considered. The parts guy at my local Nissan dealership looked at his schematic and said this truck didn't have a starter relay....was he right? He suggested I clean the battery terminals which I've done but no help. I still get that buzzing/crackling noise but after awhile I get nothing almost like the selenoid is not working or there's no juice to it but, when I get home and the outside temp is 65-70 it starts.

You folks have any ideas of what the problem could be? I appreciate you help in this matter.

Happy Holidays to you all.
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