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Ok guys, I searched to see if anyone else ran into an electrical problem like mine but came up with nothing that was the same as mine.

So this is the problem: I have a 94 LE and the whole electrical system pulsates. I mean everything. Lights, both head and interior, and the the engine. I saw through the search that many people had dim lights due to bad grounds, but my lights actually go from dim to normal to brighter than normal in completely random sequences. It happens during all forms of driving including at idle. When I accelerate I can feel the lack in power when it is pulsating. I've talked to a few people about it and they all said it could be the alternator, but I bought a new Nissan one for $245 about a year ago and the battery is not low on charge.

I bought this in 2005 and it has a MSD box and superconductor wires that were already on it (my parents think they have gone bad). It also had 3 alarm systems that did not work that I had taken out by a shop to install one that did. I recentley (like 3 months ago) replaced the nagative battery cord and noticed it was screwed into the chassis and connected to the engine block. I have cleaned and tightened both connections as i removed the second and the car would not start. i also have an amp and 2 subs in the trunk, but all is neat and tidy with them.

Any ideas?
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