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Hi, i have just recently bought this 1993 240sx, i have been driving it for almost 3 weeks now an i got to friends place an it decided it wasnt going to start. Not even with a jump. So I assumed the battery was dead to a point of not starting. I then charged it to find out it still wont start. So a new battery was bought an i then got it runnning. Only to see it stop running once the new battery was out of power. It now seems to be the alternator that doesnt work.
Yesturday i had my alternator taken in an looked at, they told me the 2 brushes that produce power were broken therefor they could not charge like suppose to. So i told them to fix it an they did just that, made it look brand new. They then showed me a test saying the it was doing what it was suppose to. So i put the alternator back in my car hoping this was the solution. Once it was all back together i tried driving it, (the new battery at this point is now not fully charged) an it was fine at first but after a bit it just started to die again like before. I now have no idea what is wrong an if it was just that i didnt use a fully charged battery once the alternator was fixxed or if it is now something else that is wrong.
Please helpppp!!!!
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