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I found this site that sells a cable to reflash an ECU and software so u can do it
yourself but its only for Subaru and Mitsubishi and heres that link tactrix

Is there anything like this for a GA16de and if there is where can i find it and how much is it going to cost me?

Or maybe not a cable, and have it sent to somebody to do it, how much would that be and where?
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nobody knows about this, you would think nissan would have something like this
In pretty positive no body flashies the GA engine bro....Best beat is a jwt ecu or mabey the new jet v-force but alls it does is let u do the fuel aping and air ration and timing.but the jwt does all that from the company and takes ur rev and speed limiter off.
Jwt ecu is $560
Jet v-force is $300
I thought the JWT ecu was more like 1300$

never mind its 595$
and from what ive heard u can get the sr20 ecu flashed for the ga16de but uh i also heard its basicly onl for a turbo set up which leaves most of us ppl out!lol
No JWT has programs for several different setups either NA or Turbo.
No JWT has programs for several different setups either NA or Turbo.
Yes ik that bro but i was told that the flashed sr20 ecu for the ga16de they do is basicly for a turbo setup........
They have programs for different compression, with or with out cams, different injectors and different MAF. I have the JWT Basic tune. Specifically for a slightly modded GA without turbo. But then they also do have lots of programs for a turbo too I think must people who use the JWT are either turboed or are running cams. I just happened to be one of those that wasn't. But I love my ecu and will miss it. But SR's are calling.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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