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I posted the other day about the fluttering coolant gauge and all. Well, I managed to get the car to the dealer service center, they ran a diagnostic and the mechanic said he was really confident that there is a short in the main engine control wire harness.

Well...the car isn't worth dealer price for that part. I managed to track one down at the pick'n'pull that looks to be in good shape, and they gave me a 30 day warranty/return on the thing.

Problem is, it came off an automatic and mine is a manual. I've noticed that there are a few extra connectors on the one I picked up. It has a large blue connector that looks to go to some sort of computer unit (auto trans?) and then one or two smaller white connections.

Anybody know if I can use it as is or if I can mod it a little to get the job done?

I talked to a guy in the parts dept at the dealership, but as usual it was no help...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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