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One of my old buisness partners had this software that he used that connected to the ECU data port of his nissan titan, and he was able to do a ton of things right from his laptop...he modified his timing belt, put his car into vallet mode (topped out at like 25 mph haha) diagnostic checks, and other things like roll up the windows and other stuff....

I was wondering if anyone knew what this software is, as I would like to buy it (he said that he bought it for like $200, and it worked on many new nissans...i just bought an xterra, and that qualified, but i am long gone from that job, so he cannot let me use it, or anything else...)

Thanks for anyone who answers, and I am seriously appreciative of any infarmative answers...not answers like there is no such thing, cause I am not a retard, and I think I would be able to say what I saw...
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