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Ecu harness for 89 m.t. 240sx

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I want to install a KA24E engine on my 200SX 85 with manual transmission. I got the engine and the ECU (ECM;) but need the harness to can connect the ECU. Can someone suggest me where can I get one or tell me if there is a kit to can install the 240sx ECU with my 200sx harness.
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Are you getting a deal or something with the single cam engine? Personally, if I had the choice, a dual cam would be prefered. Basically if you plan on putting power in, its easier to find aftermarket parts. I have a single cam and man does it suck.

As for the harness, I'd just suggest the junkyard. How many people take harness'?
I'll sell you a complete KA24E harness for $100 shipped.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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