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Here is a list of ECU codes, I posted this because is down.

11 Crank angle sensor/circuit (1988 to 1990); Crankshaft position sensor (1991 to 1996)
12 Air flow Meter/circuit open or shorted
13 Cylinder head temperature sensor(Maxima and 300ZX models); all others coolant temperature sensor circuit
14 Vehicle Speed Sensor signal circuit is open
15 Mixture ratio is too lean despite feedback control; fuel injector clogged
21 Ignition signal in the primary circuit is not being entered to the ECU during cranking or tuning
22 Fuel pump circuit (Maxima and 1987 and later 300ZX models); all others idle speed control valve or circuit
23 Idle switch (throttle valve switch) signal circuit open
24 Park/netural switch malfunctioning
25 Idle speed control valve circuit is open or shorted
26 Turbo boost
28 Cooling fan
29 Fuel system rich
31 1984 through 1986 EFI models; Problem in air conditioning system; all other models: ECU internal problem
32 1984 through 1986 EFI models; check starter system. All other models: EGR malfuntion (California models)
33 Oxygen sensor or circuit (300ZX left side) - all other models EGR malfunction
34 Detonation (Knock) sensor
35 Exhaust gas temperature sensor (California models)
36 EGR transducer
37 Closed loop control/front oxygen sensor (Maxima)
41 Maxima and 1984 through 1987 300ZX models; fuel temp sensor circuit. All other models: air temperature sensor circuit
42 1988 and later 300ZX models; fuel temperature sensor circuit; all other models: throttle sensor circuit
43 The mixture ratio is too lean despite feedback control; fuel injector clogged (1987 Sentra only): All others; Throttle position sensor circuit is open or shorted
44 No trouble codes stored in ECU
45 Injector fuel leak (California models only)
51 Fuel injector circuit open (California models only)
53 Oxygen sensor (300ZX right side)
54 Short between automatic transmission control unit(TCU) and ECU
55 Normal engine management system operation is indicated
63 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 6
64 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 5
65 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 4
66 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 3
67 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 2
68 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 1
71 Misfire detected - random
72 Catalytic converter malfunction (right side)
74 EVAP pressure sensor
75 EVAP leak
76 Fuel injection system
77 Rear oxygen sensor
81 Vacuum cut bypass valve
82 Crankshaft sensor
84 Automatic trans-to-fuel injection communication
85 VTC solenoid
87 EVAP canister purge control
91 Front oxygen sensor
95 Crankshaft sensor
98 Coolant temperature sensor
101 Camshaft sensor
103 Park/neutral switch
105 EGR and canister control valve
108 EVAP volume control

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Hey thanks for this, maybe a mod could put this in the sticky for ecu codes... Just a thought.

2018 Nissan Pathfinder SL
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PM a mod and they will sticky it
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