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Nismo_Joe said:
Blah.. I figured as much. Thanks for the clarification though. As far as my planned setup goes, how does it sound?
Sounds fine, just don't skip on fuel management as it is the backbone of the wntire setup. There is a ton of info. about turboing the GA and even though no one comes out and says "you can't use your stock ECU" that is implied when the needed modifications are discussed if you understand how the ECU functions.

Stock fuel pump has been covered as well. Also I personally would use a T25 instead of the DSM turbo but that's just me.

With all the $$$ you'll be saving with doing the fab work yourself save your pennies and spend them where they count, like a JWT ECU, if that's the most expensive thing so be it, as long as the rest is done correctly it will run great!
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