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:confused:Hi, new here and I have a question! My sister has a 2000 sentra 1.8 and perfomed the recalls she was aware of. In 2006 she had her vehicle repaired at a Nissan Dealer for electrical problems and her car would stop running while driving, and her service engine light soon was on. They said they repaired it and she didn't have any problems until last week. She is now having the same problems again and the dealer states she needs a new ECM. We found out online (and verified by having Nissan run the vin) that there are two recalls prior to 2006 that cause the same problems she has/is having and no one has said anything. My question is this (sorry so long):

could ECM recall cause the ECM to have complete failure? Honest answers please, we just want to figure out what is going on before we fix it. ThanKS!!

2000 Nissan Sentra Recalls, Defects, Recall Reports & Problems at
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