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Hello! I bought an E16i 1987 Sentra wagon from auction for my dad. It ran great for months, but now I've run into nothing but problems on it. First the ignition rotor came apart, a month later I got the dreaded 2500 rpm rev limiter issue, replaced the MAF, two weeks later now it runs rough under acceleration.

Parts for these are expensive, FI parts anyway, and the ones in the junkyards get picked clean of sensors. I've had it up to my eye balls.

I want to throw a weber 32/36 down draft on it like my dad's old Datsun station wagon he had in the late 80s. Please correct me if I'm wrong as far as a parts list is concerned.

E15/E16s intake manifold
Weber-Redline adapter plate (they make them apparently)
E15 non-ecu distributor (E16S still had ECu so not sure if they work)
Adjustable Fuel Pressure regulator with Return line so I can lower PSI from 15 down to about 4-5 where a weber likes it.

Anyone else done this?
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