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without any tuning, and just bolt ons, i ran about 133whp and 140ftlbs.
well, after a lil adjustments on the S-AFCII for the A/F, without nitrous my car did 138.6Whp and 146.3ft lbs of torque. A/F at WOT ran at almost a flat 13.1. Now however, when it came to the nitrous, we came to find out, my car is leaning out since i dont have enough fuel being dumbed into the cyls to compensate. so, next upgrade needed is either switch to a wet kit, or get a adjustable FPR. we tried it with a 75 shot, and my A/F spiked to 17.9. NOT GOOD!!!! but it did put down 187.1Whp, and 233.1ft lbs. switched it down to somewhere beteen a 50-65shot (only changed the nozzle jet, and ran it for 1 run, and it spiked now off the charts past 18. but it did put down 184whp and 222.7 ftlbs.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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