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DYI steps please - 97 Pathfinder Oxygen Sensor and Throtle Position Sensor

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Hello folks,
I have been getting a terrible gas millage on my 97 Pathfinder (12 MPG city), so I want do some maintainance. I am planning on replacing the plugs, front oxygen sensors and throtle position sensor (Which I know is bad). Alas, I have never done those, and would like to know.

So, can any of you nice folks point me to a step by step instruction on how to change my oxygen sensors, and if it is DYI-able, the throtle position sensors? Otherwise, what is a fair rate at the mechanic? (Autozone price O2 sensor - 60, TPS - 85).

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NTB99-053b/Revised TPS Adjustment

Hello To all,

AS far as the TPS part of your post I would suggest reviewing this revised adjustment bulliten. I'm not sure if this is the place or way to post new related question, I tried following the instruction to use .012 feeler gauge . What I encountered is the space between the throttle drum and throttle drum idle stop is about .045 cold about .028 thousandths warm. Rotating the tps to get appropriate ohms reading was also to no avail. I did everything I could to get cold throttle drum position to change by trying to adjust fast idle cam directly below. Also to no avail.

PS. I should have said this a 97 pathfinder se I've been working.

I am awaiting arrival of new tps , question is how to adjust in light of throttle drum measurement space being so large ?

Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated
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