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back on subject!

I say go for it...I am actually plannin on a dual exhuast setup...(it aint rice either)........

I do have a unique situation..I have removed my spare tire well and spare tire and all for weight reduction which gives me alot of room to play with under there...

I am planning on running a single pipe up to just past the rear wheel then have it turn to go under the trunk there i will have a muffler much like on off of a camaro or fiero...with a single inlet and dual side out in essense still have a single exhuast set up to help maintain the back pressure but have the split dual tips for the look i like so much(I use to race mustangs so I love the dual exhaust tips!)....I get the best of both worlds....and I you want the sleeper look have you seen my POS...hehe...

Best of luck with you mod and please post pics of it..I would really like to see it when it was complete
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