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i need to replace the center bearing on my p/u se do it have to bring it in to a shop to get the old one pressed off and new one on or can i cut the old one off and use heat to get the new one on

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a press and air tools are nice but no.

it is a bit of a work with out the press ..

once you draw your line from end to end(chalk will work)
remove the rear drive shaft.

on the end of the front ds is a large nut.(impact is nice hear)

loosen nut but do not remove..

stand ds on end and hit cb with hammer to knock off of ds. rotate your hammer strikes around the cb..

you must not let it pinch try to keep your strikes even..

when you get it to the end the remove large nut and yolk and continue to remove cb..

once off , score area to the front of cb when you put the new one on you do not put it on too far..

clean area with wire brush or sand paper being careful not to erase your chalk line and score mark.

lightly wd40 area to put new cb on and being careful no to bang to hard with hammer..

reassemble driveshaft along the align ment (chalk line) .

it took me an hour this way ..but your time will be different.

this is not the way i am sure others might do it ...

it is just the way i did it..

good luck..
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