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Driveshaft - 89 Kingcab, 2.4L, 2wd, manual trans - which driveshafts will fit?

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HI, the rear u-joint (in front of the diff.) on my driveshaft has gone out.
As I understand it these are non-replaceable. I need a replacement driveshaft. Can anyone tell me which driveshafts from which years/models will fit?

I did find a post stating that any driveshaft from a 86.5 - 94 Kingcab would fit, can anyone confirm this to be the case?
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THe serial number on this truck starts with a J - does this mean it's japanese made, and does this mean the u-jpoints are replaceble? Is there a way to tell by looking at them?
OK, u-joints are not replaceable.
ANyone have an answer to the original post?
Thanks for the reply.

I did take my Driveshaft with me to the junkyard, and I found a driveshaft there that would have fit, but the u-joint on that one was almost as bad as on the one I am replacing.

I found a site (Rockford Drivetrain) that sells replacement u-jonts for staked in "non-replaceable" type u-joints, and has instructions, so I'm going to look into that.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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