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Driveshaft - 89 Kingcab, 2.4L, 2wd, manual trans - which driveshafts will fit?

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HI, the rear u-joint (in front of the diff.) on my driveshaft has gone out.
As I understand it these are non-replaceable. I need a replacement driveshaft. Can anyone tell me which driveshafts from which years/models will fit?

I did find a post stating that any driveshaft from a 86.5 - 94 Kingcab would fit, can anyone confirm this to be the case?
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...I assume u'r gonna get it from a junk yard? If so, I'd go ahead and pull it, and just carry it with you and size it up on the spot. Safest way to do it. Also keep in mind the dust cover on the back of the trans can be slightly different from year to year. If its different it can get in the way of drive shaft, and make it seem to short. The dust cover just presses in, so you can snap it off to check the fit on the driveshaft.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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