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Hellooooo...I have (and LOVE my) 97 Pathfinderneed and need some help. I'm having the blinking airbag light problem; have read through posts and discovered the Driver Door Switch "fix" to getting the blinking light to stop.

About six months ago, my driver door switch fell off. (Ok, I probably accidentally kicked it with my high heels while getting in/out of the truck...but regardless of how it's toast - it is toast).

When I discovered it had gotten broken - I just removed the rest of the switch. NOW my airbag light is blinking, and I'd really just like to reset the blinking light, but cannot, because I have no DDS.

I've tried to find a replacement looks simple enough to replace. But I'm having no luck.

Anyone out there have suggestions?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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