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I am having touble with my driver door lock. It feels like the guts inside the keyhole are about to go crazy and soon I will probably be unlocking my doors from the passenger side. Does anyone know what I should do about this? How much would it cost to get that rekeyed?

You may want to visit a locksmith to see if they can fix the lock tumbler or.....

To replace the whole key's nissan part #H0600-50J07. It comes with a key and the linkage. If I remember was about $60 for the kit. Then you'll have to take the tumbler to a locksmith to have them match your existing ignition key. That'll cost about $20 to $30 to be done.

Recently, someone broke into my car by using a screwdriver to twist my door lock open. I had to replace everything. =(

Hope this helps.
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