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i just picked up a 93 manual N/A ZX a month or so ago. its been run on conventional oil since it was purchased, and had 161990 miles on it when i got it (about 162,550 now). i was wondering, on an engine that "old" would a flush of the engine, trans and diff do anything, or would i be just as well off running seafoam through it?

im planning on switching all the fluids to synthetics, but i also wanna clean out/burn off and sludge in the driveline.

also, so i dont end up with a second thread, i'm getting about 21.5 mpg in this thing, and i've heard of guys that are TT getting 25-27 mpg, which is what i was expecting. Its a bone stock engine, and i was wondering what i could do to boost mpg. i cruise at 65-70 on the freeway, and shift between 2000-2500rpm on the street. im planning on getting a pop charger and new plugs/wires, and also hoping the switch to synthetics will help. what else can i do to help milage?
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