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drifting in my b13

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its cool im going to film some tommrow and post it up.
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Radioaktiv said:
while drifting you maintain grip with the front tires
all 4 tires breaking loose is just a power slide

with FWD its just ass-dragging, not drifting...simple as that
thank you! power sliding is a technique used while would NEVER drift while racing because it slows you down tremendously! but you aren't drifting! why do you insist it is! we aren't telling you you cant have fun sliding your ff around but it isn't drifting. it would be like playing golf with a baseball, playing football with a turkey, basketball with a human head..........its the same idea but you aren't really playing the true game. whats the deal with drifting now? thats all anyone wants to do.........drifting kinda pisses me off, it destroys perfectly good tires

just close the thread and take your arguments to the FF sliding thread in the drifting sub forum
ZooYork said:


lmao. Alright take your 94 XE and film it drifting just like they do in D1.

what's that? You can't? Oh, that's right, because your car is FRONT WHEEL DRIVE!
this is lame, its just like when the domestics rag on imports just because they are imports even though they can go jsut as fast. WEA WEA WEA u have fwd u cant drift. fwd can drift my back end comes out without even pullin the e-brake so if drifting means keeping traction to the front wheels then guess what, its very possible. Drifting is just for fun anyone can do it all u need is to mess around in a parking lot for a while to get it down
BUT ITS NOT BLOODY DRIFTING! its a damn powerslide. drifting is not sliding you back tires! they dont slide the tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY DONT SLIDE THE TIRES!!!!!!! they over power them AND SPIN THEM. you cant do that in a freaking FWD! so just stop it.............chim you know what to do.
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ok u break the tires loose that means they arent grabbing and if they arent grabbin then they are sliding
fine, i cant win with this...i have tried, i still completely fail to understand why you demand it be called slide the FWD car around. can you auto race with a moped? you can may even be able to keep up! but it isn't auto racing........never has been never will be.
well i fail to understand why u demand the "fact" to be known that fwd cars cant drift when u cant give it a technical definition
Umm, who makes all these rules up anyways? Was there a referendum or something? Or perhaps the automotive gods gave the rules to Moses on tablets? Its a stupid fad (for Americans at least) anyways, in a few years all this will be moot anyways. Sorry to break it to all of you (this is just opinion from someone that works for a company that has sponsored drivers, I've been to events, I've watched the videos, etc).
Marty01 said:
all cars can drift and heres why...

.. drifting is all 4 corners of the car losing grip at the same time and by that simple fact.. it's simply a matter of the chassis being properly balanced to alloy all 4 tires to break traction evenly

now the quest for propper balancing is a long one and yes you can sway the drive wheels to break traction at different points based on how much power they are trying to deliver when the non drive wheels break traction as well

YES it is being on the knife edge and YES it is very difficult to acheive regardless of FWD, RWD or AWD drivetrain.

FF cant' drift. and drifting is having complete control under a uncontrolable zone! and able to do it sequintialy with the rear wheels breaking traction with POWER not locking up with e'brake, and when u say ALL 4 tires break traction, dude that aint drifting, its an action called "NEUTRAL"... fyi
^ha! another for team chim/pete!
question........why has drifting become so insainly popular? SCCA road racing hasnt? i peronly think roa racing is much better but thats just me i guess :confused:
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StevenLK said:
FF cant' drift. and drifting is having complete control under a uncontrolable zone! and able to do it sequintialy with the rear wheels breaking traction with POWER not locking up with e'brake, and when u say ALL 4 tires break traction, dude that aint drifting, its an action called "NEUTRAL"... fyi
i previously said i dont even need to pull the e brake to whip the back end out or tap my brakes with a fwd and i have plenty of control while doing it
^Throttle lift oversteer isn't drifting by most people's definition.

The impression I get is that many people are defining "Drifting" as "Causing an oversteer situation by means of breaking traction at the the drive wheels by means of wheelspin." That makes it very difficult to say that you can "drift" a FWD car, amd although it's not impossible for wheelspin to occur up front and as a result the car oversteer, it's just not likely. The car is going to understeer most likely.

Here's the definition I found when searching and according to it, ANY car can drift. Although I agree with the definition, you won't see me calling "oversteer" drifting any time soon. I also tend to think that when drifting, the entire car looses traction, not just drive wheels, basically a power slide.

The idea of closing this thread so that some people don't have to argue their point any further or risk losing an argument is just lame and a fascist way of thinking. People need to grow up. Censoring things you don't like is an irresponsible and childish way of dealing with them.
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very true but i dont think that this is the appropriate place to argue this. Its almost the same identical thread as the one in hte drifting sub forum... :) thats why i think that it should at least be moved to the correct area.
lol dam i started a fire! i dont use the e brake. and yes my tires arre stock not cheap slicks. its done on dry pavement. front wheels spin rear slide, what do u call that? power slide?
now we know the diffrence, that FF cannot Drift. so, lets get to the power sliding vid/pics u were going to post! ;)
yeah, where are they? I would like to see them anyways. :cheers:
i thought "ass dragging" was the term used for FF drifting.
Sorry to dig up this old thread but anything and i repeat ANYTHING can be drifted ... you wont win any drifting competitions in a FF car (if you did who the hell were your competing against?) but that sure as hell doesnt mean you cant drift one ... oh and there are other ways to drift a FF car apart from pulling the handbrake; you can feint drift a well balanced FF car (like a N15 pulsar)very easily.
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