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drifting in my b13

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its cool im going to film some tommrow and post it up.
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91sentra said:
thats the same link i put up, its obvious that the kid doesnt know that true drifting is only capable from RWD cars......physics wont allow a FF car to truly drift. :rolleyes: I guess people want to really get into D1 in their front wheel drives
lol i didnt even notice your link sorry bud :thumbup: like i said in that post. you can slide a FF like a mofo! have fun! seriously, but dont go callin naty bo, crystal!
Radioaktiv said:
while drifting you maintain grip with the front tires
all 4 tires breaking loose is just a power slide

with FWD its just ass-dragging, not drifting...simple as that
thank you! power sliding is a technique used while would NEVER drift while racing because it slows you down tremendously! but you aren't drifting! why do you insist it is! we aren't telling you you cant have fun sliding your ff around but it isn't drifting. it would be like playing golf with a baseball, playing football with a turkey, basketball with a human head..........its the same idea but you aren't really playing the true game. whats the deal with drifting now? thats all anyone wants to do.........drifting kinda pisses me off, it destroys perfectly good tires

just close the thread and take your arguments to the FF sliding thread in the drifting sub forum
BUT ITS NOT BLOODY DRIFTING! its a damn powerslide. drifting is not sliding you back tires! they dont slide the tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY DONT SLIDE THE TIRES!!!!!!! they over power them AND SPIN THEM. you cant do that in a freaking FWD! so just stop it.............chim you know what to do.
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fine, i cant win with this...i have tried, i still completely fail to understand why you demand it be called slide the FWD car around. can you auto race with a moped? you can may even be able to keep up! but it isn't auto racing........never has been never will be.
1 - 4 of 76 Posts
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