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drifting in my b13

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its cool im going to film some tommrow and post it up.
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oh man............but its still not "drifting" you are power sliding!

refer to this thread please, i wont get into it.
^ha! another for team chim/pete!
question........why has drifting become so insainly popular? SCCA road racing hasnt? i peronly think roa racing is much better but thats just me i guess :confused:
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PeaNutB13 said:
VID OR BAN! come on lets see it ................
You wont
you have to be bloody kidding you know who it is your talking to?...........think about it, harder.

i know you can slide the FF around..........i guess im a tool, and i just don't like to "call" it drifting, granted you can do nearly the same thing (but not as long)
uhhhh yea....
the code takes no prisoners
toolapcfan said:
I'd be willing to bet that Mike Kojima knows more than you do about motorsports. And anyone who knows who he is and a little about him would agree with that. SlowB14, you're making a total ass of yourself.
sure is fun to read though :thumbup: this is turning into the thread in the motor sports "FWD sliding" section. maybe this should be closed because we took it wayyyyyyy off topic (not pointing the finger at anyone, we all did it)
this is the thread dedicated to this mindless banter, just go there and we can argue all day long (as long as its a good argument, im not gona respond is some is called a poopy head lol) and leave this to die :cheers:

also, don't be hassling mike, if you have read (and if you own a sentra you should have read this) then you know who he is. don't be taking things so personally, we are having a discusion not a flame war.
1 - 4 of 76 Posts
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