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drifting in my b13

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its cool im going to film some tommrow and post it up.
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You're going to get tons of grief for calling FWD sliding "drifting" from purists, but if you're having fun, screw them, do your thang. FWD sliding is becoming more popular.
I think drift enthusiasts are adamant about this because they're trying to break away from the "Honda Rice Boi" crowd and/or trying to be different and have something they can call their own.
Umm, who makes all these rules up anyways? Was there a referendum or something? Or perhaps the automotive gods gave the rules to Moses on tablets? Its a stupid fad (for Americans at least) anyways, in a few years all this will be moot anyways. Sorry to break it to all of you (this is just opinion from someone that works for a company that has sponsored drivers, I've been to events, I've watched the videos, etc).
1 - 3 of 76 Posts
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