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drifting in my b13

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its cool im going to film some tommrow and post it up.
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first off its not drifting but more power to ya.........its a power slide if its in snow or rain lol!
who are you referring to?
no you this thread, it explains that FF cars dont drift, they can slide
only FR cars can do true drifts
thats the same link i put up, its obvious that the kid doesnt know that true drifting is only capable from RWD cars......physics wont allow a FF car to truly drift. :rolleyes: I guess people want to really get into D1 in their front wheel drives
this is not the section to be arguing about this... FWD cars cannot drift period. this should either be moved to the drifting section or close cause its getting a bit ridiculous. :rolleyes:
very true but i dont think that this is the appropriate place to argue this. Its almost the same identical thread as the one in hte drifting sub forum... :) thats why i think that it should at least be moved to the correct area.
yeah, where are they? I would like to see them anyways. :cheers:
i dont like your pee despite what you say.................
1 - 9 of 76 Posts
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