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drifting in my b13

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its cool im going to film some tommrow and post it up.
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FYI you can too drift a FWD car you just have to rid it of all understeer in the front wheels i think
I had a 96 dodge avenger v6 w/ eibach pro kit springs KYB AGX 8 way adjustable rear 4 way adjustable front struts and with struts on near stiffest settings i could EASILY do this "FWD slide" however you guys want to say it but you guys are describing it as needing to use the e-brake or jerk the steering wheel, and your making it sound like you lose speed doing it.


When doing my "FWD slide" I could go FASTER than I could without it, the trick was keeping it on the VERGE of losing control or whatever.
1 - 2 of 76 Posts
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